Comprehensive Solutions


Since founding in 2009, Skylark Services' the largest project for the team was working with masFlight to bring the platform to market. masFlight was sold to Global Eagle in 2015. After the sale, Skylark Services provided consulting services to build a new data-exchange product to modernize industry’s operations data programs for the International Air Transport Association. 

Prior to working with masFlight, Skylark Services focused on programs related to air traffic management, including providing services to ITT related to the FAA contract to modernize air traffic surveillance program and economic analysis services to Iridium to support the creation of Aireon, the space-based air traffic surveillance system. 

In 2016, we conducted a major study of global aviation data sources and industry requirements for a multinational information technology company providing IT and telecommunication services to the air transport industry. 

Currently, Skylark Drone Research is providing compelling economic research and analysis, research, white papers, and studies related to UAV, UAS, drones, Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and business development using drones as a service.  A particular focus is developing standards for agricultural aerial remote sensing imager

Creation of Cloud-Based Solution for Analyzing Airline Operations


Created   a cloud-based platform cutting data silos to enable analysis DoT used to   drive the Tarmac Delay Program. This tool became the basis of masFlight, a   commercial system supporting near-real time analysis of 800 parameters for  100,000 flights daily.

UAV / Drone Research


o Driving Adoption of Agricultural Aerial Remote Standards – Open source Geospatial 

o Forecast of Commercial UAS Package Delivery Market 2017 – Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

o Fundamental Economic Laws of UAVs – NASA

Air Traffic Management


o NextGen Equipage Fund Economic Job Creation, Economics Benefits, and Contribution to Federal Tax Revenues – NEXA Advisors.

o Economic Benefits and Job Creation of Space-Based ADS-B – Aerion

o Creating Value Added Services from ADS-B Data – ITT